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Earth Investments

Introducing Investors to Projects and Technologies screened to offer the perfect balance between impact and financial performance.

It has never been as critically important for humanity to understand and take responsibility for the implications of our actions as a collective. Impact investing isn’t limited to creating a healthier planet. Impact investing can eradicate poverty and famine, expand access to quality healthcare and education, achieve gender equality, and ensure justice and promote peace


Our futures are interdependent. As investors, social entrepreneurs, and human beings, we have a moral imperative to take on the challenges facing our planet and our global population. Through impacting investing, we can be agents of social change – while also achieving (and very often exceeding) our individual goals as investors and entrepreneurs.
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The Vshield Clip

V SHIELD is a multipurpose sterilisation clip that emits a slow-release vapour, effective in killing viruses (including SARS-COV-2), germs, bacteria & fungus in a 0.5-metre radius (1 m range) for 30 days after breaking the seal. This Easy-to-use sterilisation wearable comes in black and white and can conveniently be attached to; Clothes, Bags, Caps, Masks, Car seats and many other items. It's perfect for use in the car and offices. Just clip it where you want to use it and remove the seal for almost instant protection!
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Sourcewave Health Patches

Patches are mini capacitors capable of storing and transferring information. Using proprietary imprinting technology, patches are imbued with beneficial frequency information. The human body produces 50-90 millivolts of electricity which serves to power the patch to interact with the human biofield.
Once applied to the body, the patch is designed to provide biological cues that signal specific cellular behavior.
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"Earth Investment's is a rare company that puts planet and people first in everything they do, while applying great expertise and connections to support the most innovative companies helping to make the world a better place"
Lance Villaruel - Chief Operations Manager - Fusion Ecotech
Earth Investments stands out with a rare trademark to deliver on its promise. Having secured the initial required funding, the Earth Investments team has demonstrated an outstanding ability to connect investors with this unique opportunity offering sustainable future profit for all - and what's more impressive, they have done so in record time for V shield!
I am now delighted to be working with Earth investments on the roll-out plan, with an objective to secure the most capable distribution channels globally, something I am extremely confident the team at Earth Investments can deliver!
Ciprian Popa CEO V -Shield.
I have been in attendance at the Earth investments events and online Soirres and I am impressed by the professional, ecological approach they take to introducing investors and projects. The team are high vibration and I'm happy to introduce them to my network, knowing they are trust worthy an diligent.
Therefore Earth investments now have exclusive global distribution rights, positioning V shield with global contracts that give each country exclusive rights to sell the supply chain.
Lance Haggith - BBC Sports personality of the year. And founder of sports traider charity.
I love the ethos of earth investments and they can bring massive impact to much needed game changing ventures for the greater good. I myself have been part of the soirées and am currently in talk with well fitted investor Contacts as a result for my own large scale eco project
Deri Llewellyn-Davies

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