The Why?

Project Developers and those committed to developing clean and disruptive technologies are unable to access the financing and essential resources required in order to commercialise their technologies, mainly due  to major shortfalls in business lending via traditional routes.

We have also identified a lack of due diligence processes highlighting to investors how to analyse “Impact investments” in order to understand and achieve the perfect balance between financial performance and Project Impact.

The Solution

Earth Investments will allow businesses to showcase their technologies, projects and developments to a select global investor network. 

The teams mission and existing experience lays in connecting investors with projects that can be a powerful force for good, serving individuals and communities while building a more sustainable society.

In order to assist and simplify due diligence processes for investors we plan to integrate a revolutionary new software which uses investment insight and algorithmic intelligence to profile the performance of companies.

This is not only a pipeline management system but simplifies the due diligence process for investors, by providing comprehensive company deal reports and wider data analytics. We aim to clearly demonstrate and highlight the perfect balance between impact and performance on all investments.

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