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Meet global challenges.

The world’s most pressing problems – climate change, extreme poverty, limited access to healthcare and education – cannot be solved through government grants alone. Just to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing countries requires an estimated annual $2.5 trillion. Private capital is needed to fill that gap.
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Stabilise your portfolio.

Impact investing can be a useful complement to other investments in your portfolio. A new study by Morgan Stanley, which surveyed over 10,000 equity mutual funds over the past seven years, finds that social impact funds on average had lower volatility than comparable non-impact funds.
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Achieve market-rate returns.

It has always been possible to “do good while doing well,” but this is even truer today. Global challenges are global opportunities. Those who provide solutions to today’s problems will be the financial winners of tomorrow. Data from the Global Impact Investing Network shows that the majority of the estimated $15 billion impact investment market produces market rate returns.
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Put your capital to work

Investments in social, health and environmental causes provide an efficient way to meet your individual or your company’s social responsibility goals with a much higher ROI than donations or grants, which simply hand out money. Instead, smart impact funds allow investors to help sustainably grow the recipients – whether that’s a small-holder farmer, a health startup, or a company solving energy challenges – and build an inclusive circle of progress.
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Align values with Impact

Our members all understand that chasing money is not actually the route to success and the quickest way to abundance is by serving and giving your all for a cause greater than yourself. Our distribution partners all have the desire to make the world a better place at the fore of their strategy .

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Meet client demand.

We pride ourselves on our pin point focus of collaboration having around 40 global distribution partners, enables us to reach top decision makers across the globe.  

Our tried and tested areas include:

  • Health & Bio Tech
  • Cutting edge agriculture technologies
  • Cutting edge water technologies
  • Clean power technologies
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Connect with big thinkers.

We have a strong track record of connecting technologies with decision makers at the highest level.

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Change the culture of investing.

There has never been a time in history where so many people are focused on creating positive impact in the planet. We pride ourselves on bringing together great minds to carry out the much needed work with dedication to doing good in the world, supporting projects where they need it most and getting their technologies out in the fastest route to market is one of our main skill sets.

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Be a global citizen

It is often easy to become overly focused on financial bottom lines and the sectors that dominate our portfolios. Investing in social or environmental opportunities broadens our horizons and gives us an opportunity to drive positive change.
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Heal the world

Our futures are interdependent. As investors and social entrepreneurs, we have a moral imperative to act collaboratively to transform our economies and redefine our notions of value. Impact investing allows us to be a part of social change that makes a measurable difference for our planet and future generations