V SHIELD is a multipurpose sterilisation clip that emits a slow-release vapour, effective in killing viruses (including SARS-COV-2), germs, bacteria & fungus in a 0.5-metre radius (1 m range) for 30 days after breaking the seal. This Easy-to-use sterilisation wearable comes in black and white and can conveniently be attached to; Clothes, Bags, Caps, Masks, Car seats and many other items. It's perfect for use in the car and offices. Just clip it where you want to use it and remove the seal for almost instant protection!
Earth Investments are proud partners of V Shield, having assisted in facilitating investors for their initial funding requirement. The Earth Investments team has demonstrated an outstanding ability to connect investors, funders, and global distribution channels, with this unique and exceptional product, thus offering a remarkable opportunity for sustainable future profit for all involved. Earth Investments are now focused on identifying and introducing the right distribution partners for the V Shield Multipurpose Clip.

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